Tennessee Honors Amateur Radio Operators

Along with amateur radio operators across the state of Tennessee, the Marshall County Amateur Radio Club has been honored by Governor Bill Lee.

Marshall County OEM Director Steve Callahan presents State of Tennessee Amateur Radio Appreciation Proclamation to MCARS President Randy Bee

In the event of a natural disaster, amateur radio operators are a critical lifeline to a host of emergency services and information.

The State Senate Joint Resolution, NO. 1646 by Senator Crowe and Representative Reedy, was passed unanimously by the 112th State Senate on April 18th, The Resolution honors Tennessee’s amateur radio operators. “channeling the historic spirit of the Volunteer State, the 19,835 licensed amateur radio operators who reside in Tennessee provide invaluable services to their fellow citizens during emergencies and natural disasters.”, the resolution reads.

“Numerous Tennessee amateur radio clubs, organizations, and groups promote and advocate for the role of technology in the art of radio communications. Such worthy organizations provide a membership base through which new operators are trained, both locally and through TEMA, in emergency communications. These organizations and individual operators have developed a statewide infrastructure of communications resources at their own expense and generously made it available for emergency use. The members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service devote their time, expertise, and equipment in support of local, State, and federal agencies during times of crisis.”

“These amateur radio operators gladly provide their expertise, without compensation, in service of the greater good and we are proud to honor our amateur radio operators on International Amateur Radio Day.”

“This General Assembly wishes to recognize the many contributions made by Tennessee’s amateur radio operators; now, therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE ONE HUNDRED TWELFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, that we honor and commend Tennessee’s amateur radio operators for supporting our State during emergencies and natural disasters and thank them for their emergency response capabilities and readiness.”

A full copy of the resolution can be found here at the Tennessee General Assembly website.

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